Eraslan Solar Energy systems established in 1987 and worked on various operation. In 1994, the company have entered the solar energy industry. the package system which developed by ERASLAN, has been showed the quality to consumers. And as time passed, Eraslan produced stainless steel tanks, gutter sheet, stand with static powdered paint and prismatic surfaced copper collector. In this way, ERASLAN has been one of the leading manufacturers in sector.

The happiness of consumers depends on high quality and standards. In this respect, ERASLAN works and manufactures in process of ISO 9001 Quality Management.
Collector RedStar
The Panel is produced by the process of solder welding copper sheet to 10 parts collecting pipes. Serial and ordered prismatic embossing is made on copper panels. Thus, absorber surface had been widen. It absorber the sun ray by right angle in the motnings. Owning to this technology the effectiveness is increased.
Bottom side of panel insulated by 50 mm/thickness glasswool and 20 mm/thickness glasswool. Used 4 mm tempered glass as outside surface.
Prismatic surfaced Copper Collector:
Eraslan copper collector is better than the others because of its prismatic absorption surface . As a result of Eraslan specialists' studies, it keeps to efficiency on higher level even though using of normal glass. The solar energy is saved on prismatic surface of panel is transferred to system by main collector manifold.
System is protected by the elocsallied aluminum frame and special unleaking seal. It is also insulated by 50 mm glasswool.