MK Honeywell

For over 80 years MK has provided customers with the highest quality, safest and most reliable range of electrical accessory products on the market.
MK Electric is a leading manufacturer and supplier of circuit protection, wiring devices, cable management and datacoms.
Products are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and are widely available through an extensive wholesale network of distributors.

MK is the most respected brand of British standard electrical devices. Throughout the world, the brand represents the highest levels of quality , safety and reliable electrical wiring devices and cable management systems.

MK cable management
MK cable management is a joint venture company with MK Electric UK and is proud to be recognized as the leading producer of high quality UPVC conduits, fittings and mini trunking.
Ega Tube PVC Conduit and Mini
Floor Boxes
Screeded floor systems
Raised Floor Systems
Eco Wireless
Why echo?
echo five reasons why...
1- Wireless : Instant switch installation and location/relocation flexibility means less cost, less time and less disruption
2- Batteryless : low maintenance, low running costs. Eliminates nuisance and waste, making echo the sustainable option.
3- Flexible : Free from the constraints of wiring, echo is easy to locate, relocate and can be fixed to almost any material. So change is much simpler to manage.
4- Compliance : Supports building regulation compliance and has been manufactured excluding the hazardous substances restricted by RoHS.
5- Innovative: utilising innovative, proven technology, the switches are self powered and can work at ranges of up to 300 meters.
All with the quality and reliability associated with the MK Electric name.
- Building-wide managed lighting system
- Lighting control by presence detection & photocell
a- MLS Digital Managed Lighting System
b- CONNECT Quick Connection Systems
c- FailSafe Emergency Testing Systems
d- LightSpot Presence Detection Systems
e- SceneSelect II Scene-setting & Dimming System
f- LooSpot Washroom Management Systems
- Wire free chimes & pushes
- Wired chimes & pushes
- Kits, bells & buzzers
- Security bells
- Security lighting
- Wire free security kits
- Mini alarms
 Electrical division