LED Lighting
BAIYILED Europe B.V. is a leading European manufacturer in the LED lighting industry. Our headquarters in Breda, The Netherlands, give us a strategic location to outreach the European market. In order to offer more competitive solution and fulfill the high demand for our products, we have established our production facility in Shanghai, China. Our factory is equipped with cutting edge production lines and a laboratory with most advanced equipments. To ensure our high quality standard, we have implemented a rigorous quality control over the production where six sigma is applied throughout the complete process.

BAIYILED Europe provides intensive technical and product training to its distributors that result to a shorter lead time and a better service to the end clients.
Baiyi Lighting carries a strict quality control system according to GB/T19001-2008 and ISO9001:2008.
Baiyi is equiped with a strong and professional R& D: With our own National standard laboratory, a team of over 30 staff with years lighting experience. We have obtained expert consulting group specializing in semiconductor physics, electronic technology, lighting & optical technology, thermodynamics, enterprise management.

Below are the main products that BAIYILED provides:

- Street lighting
- Industrial lighting
- Office lighting
- Commercial lighting
 Electrical division